SOIT x SOE Destress Night!

The much needed de-stress night was the perfect way for Monashians to wrap up a long semester’s work of deadlines and assignments. Held by the SOIT and SOE for students on the 27th of May, from 6:30PM -10:30PM; this event was one of the many coveted for occasions post-covid by everyone. Expectations and excitement for such an event were at an all-time high. 

This event gave students the option to play some games and chill with friends at the student lounge, join a LAN party which took place in the badminton lounge or even head out to Audi 1 and watch some movies on the big screen. 

The night started off with students trickling into the student lounge where they were met with good food and even greater company. Upon entrance, you would register by the table and then you were free to join a round of snooker, or some fun board games. Mostly however, students seemed content chatting to themselves while snacking on pizza that was being served, while a handful of students huddled around by the couch lost deep in what seemed to be a very competitive board game.

The lounge had been transformed into a fine hangout spot, with dimmed lights, and disco lights, followed by the steady thrum of people having a great time. There was a long table spanning nearly the length of the lounge stacked with boxes of pizza, and you had your pick of snacks and drinks. The event organisers did an amazing job making sure everyone got something to eat, not to mention them checking in on students that seemed to be by themselves ensuring no one was left feeling alone. 

“It’s been good, being able to look forward to tonight as a way to de-stress,” said Jasper, a first year student from the School of IT. He and his friends, Manan and Abhishek, had just finished a gruesome assignment and found that nights like this were essential to keeping their mental health in check. 

Audi 1 had a completely different vibe altogether, with snacks being handed to students as they entered the auditorium. The room had been slightly dimmed and students had voted for Free Guy as their movie of choice to be played in the hall. Students slid into their seats, arms full of snacks, and as they awaited for the movie to start, they murmured amongst themselves, smiles donning their faces. 

“I’ve had a full on stress breakout from wearing masks all day trying to finish my assignments,” joked Isha, a student from the School of Arts and Social Sciences. She and her friend Shameema were thrilled to see Ryan Reynolds on the big screen and were beyond relieved to finally untangle the mountains of stress they were carrying from a jam-packed semester. 

“We’re heavily caffeinated, overly tired, but still really excited to be here, because we haven’t had anything like this because of COVID, so we’re trying to attend as many events as possible to make up for all the time we’ve lost to the pandemic.” 

Min Hao, the representative for the School of IT, said that one of the most rewarding things about planning such an event, aside from seeing students enjoying themselves, was being able to see everyone physically for the first time. JQ, the representative for the School of Engineering echoes this sentiment of finally seeing everyone together. Lastly, above all, the representatives wished to thank the dedicated team that came together to put together the de-stress night.

“The organising team was absolutely spectacular during the entire event, and a huge shout-out goes to both the SOIT and SOE subcommittee teams along with Ally and Sue Wern for the whole tiring and fun process of planning an amazing night!”

Well here’s to more de-stress nights for students to let loose and have fun! 

SOE Reps and Subcomms
SOIT Reps and Subcomms

Article by Shau @shauranaeem

Photos by Xin Yi @xinzyyi

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