Year of the Gamer in coming

By Rahat Alam


Twenty-Thirteen is the year when all the gamers of the world start counting the days and tightening the grip on their wallet. We have overcome an apocalypse last December so in accordance to universal Newtonian laws, we get to game A LOT. Sony announced their PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s still holding back on their Project Durango a.k.a. “Xbox 720” and obviously Nintendo’s Wii U was released before Sony and Microsoft announced their console. This is also the year when new names are being added to the world of gaming consoles; Steam’s Steam Box which is said to be running Linux OS, is somewhere in the pipelines and; OUYA starts retailing in July, the inexpensive $99 android based console. Also Razer Edge, the first of its kind gaming tablet and Nvidia’s Project Shield which has the capability to stream games out of your PC and you’ll be able to play it while dropping bombs inside the toilet (pun intended).

Project Shield
Project Shield

Console gaming has been an ancient art forged by companies to challenge the kids and their capabilities to solve puzzles set inside the game. Since then, gaming consoles have taken huge steps forward to hyper-realistic characters and advanced motion-based gaming, including the rumoured Steam Box’s capability to monitor the heart rate of the gamer and correspond that onto the game itself. PC gaming is never comparable to console gaming but the thing about consoles is that they don’t release one every year. These little boxes of joy will survive and game on for at least six to seven years! (If it is not abused by playing FPS games).

Razer Edge
Razer Edge

So in the year of the gamer, we ought to be expecting legendary games to come out, which the developers are delivering. PS4’s coming up with some great games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flags; Watch Dogs; Thief and, wait for it, Diablo III for consoles! Unnamed Final Fantasy project is also in the works and Jonathan Blow, famous for his brilliant indie game Braid is coming out with his new project The Witness. Wii U has ZombiU out now and Unnamed Pokémon, Mario and Legend of Zelda are to be released end of this year.

PS4 Controller PS4 Controller - 2

That being said, Sony’s just showed off their controllers and the dual camera which tracks the controller and the player, most noticeable of them all is their controller which has had an upgrade since PS3. Xbox 720 has yet to be revealed to the world and no information has been leaked yet but there are speculations flying around. As epic as it is, it does come with a hefty price tag and people have to take a side by the end of this year, so save up. Let’s see what Monashians will choose this year.

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