Monash Make a DIFFERENCE Week!

By: Sandeep Dhanoa

Monash Make a Difference Week consisted of a fun-filled activity, Bubble Sport along with a Food Bazaar! 


Exhilarating, exciting and tiresome are arguably the best words to describe bubble sports. Although this fun sport had to play second fiddle to the scrumptious food bazaar, interactive games such as Bubble Rugby, King’s Defence and the gruelling Last Man Standing kept the vibrant vibe flowing throughout the day, in the Sports Centre. Fast-paced running’s, action-packed tackles and creative tactical game plans were essential to each of these fascinating adaptations of bubble sports games. So much so, that even the organising committee from MUVP could not afford to stay away from the action, as they too soon decided to join in the fun. Held from 8am – 5pm, it is fair to say that MUVP and Bubble Sports MY, the equipment suppliers, have certainly gathered a small, yet loyal following to aid the growth of the bubble sports fandom in Malaysia. After all, what could be more amusing than to watch Monashians running around and trampling over in inflated balls?


Sugar, spice and everything nice was the name of the game in the colourful food bazaar. Held from 8am -5pm, next to the canteen, this scrumptious layout served up a hearty treat for all palates.  Monashians warmed up their hungry bellies with crunchy churros, mildly spicy yet flavourful Indian tidbits, or pakora’s, along with a classic favourite of students, nuggetto’s.  The local favourite, carrot cake and Japanese onigiri, a rice ball stuffed with salmon and wrapped up with seaweed were also on the diversified menu of this vibrant spread-out. Nevertheless, heavenly pastries were the undisputed kings of this food bazaar. Doux Patisserie’s cranberry flavoured macarons and the delightful combination of sweet and salty brownies from Kindee Desserts were among the sell-out items for the day.  Furthermore, attendees were also presented with the opportunity to beat the heat with the sell-out mixed berries fruit shake, courtesy of The Yard. As the day ended and belies were well fed, Monashians were left craving for the next food bazaar. One which hopefully includes some creamy, gooey durian puffs.


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