TedX Monash postponed to October; The Sixth MUSA Meeting.

On the 4th of August 2017, the members of the Monash University Student Association (MUSA) sat through their sixth MUSA meeting of the year at the MUSA office in the Monash Sports Center. Kicking off at tentatively 6.15p.m., the Vice-President’s department was the first to present their business papers where they highlighted the success of their highly anticipated merchandise sale where in total, 579 varsity jackets, 114 bottles and 24 gym bags were sold, generating a revenue of approximately RM 40, 185.00. They were generally happy with the response by the student body and had expressed that it was better than expected. They also announced the postponement of Monash’s first ever TedX event due to some unforeseen circumstances where preparations were not as complete as they had expected it to be by this time. There was also the issue of a stark gender imbalance among the invited speakers that the university administration was not very fond of and had requested that this was fixed before the event was held. The event that was initially scheduled to be held on the 26th of August 2017 has been postponed to the 7th of October according to the Vice President.

[Terence] Random Shit (W2) 21.jpg
Ohnu TedX is delayed :(

The C&S head came up next to speak about the Clubs & Societies Week where over 60 clubs opened their booth at the foyer throughout the week including the four houses. The President came up next to speak on a few things including the recently released circular by the government that advised all outdoor activities to be put on hold in the meantime until further notice due to certain safety issues that’s yet to be fully clarified. He also spoke about the seat hogging campaign that received mixed reviews, the MUSA Info Week, the Suicide Prevention Day as well as the Health Awareness Week. He also had updates on the MUSA Forum that was held earlier this year and you can check out the video here.

The General Secretary then took the floor to speak about the upcoming MUSA Elections and she brought up the motion to revoke her voting right during the election to avoid any form of biasness throughout the campaign as well as during voting. The motion passed.

[Terence] Random Shit (W2) 29.jpg
Ayy lots of people came! (It’s not like they want to run for the elections or anything pschhht)

 The Activities Chairperson came up shortly right after to speak about the success of the MUSA Day and the Orientation Week, both of which went really well for the new July intake students before the Welfare officer presented his business papers that revolved around updates on the lounge (we bought the pool tables!!) where the price for the PS4 hourly rentals have decreased by RM 2 and the incoming of the new bean bags that would be placed around the lounge. The lounge also went through massive cleaning, aided by the Welfare department’s subcoms. Apart from that, he also announced that the other events that are bound and have been held include MUSA Wars, the FIFA Tournament and the “WOOuld You Confess” (No, I won’t). The Editors spoke about the success of their MONGA distribution last semester and made a public request to the other departments for extra funds to fund the publication of this semester’s MONGA. The school representatives then came up one by one after that, speaking about their respective industrial trips, t-shirt design competitions, t-shirt sales and their giveaways that were carried out for students who filled up the SETU forms last semester.

[Terence] Random Shit (W2) 32.jpg
Most unforgettable OB.

For more detailed information for any of these, refer to the 6th MSC Meeting Minutes or you could watch the MSC Meeting that was recorded live! Till next time!

Article by Calvin Fernandez

Photos by Terence Kong

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