Humans of Monash #5: Everyl

Written by: Zoe Yap

Featuring: Everyl Yevita

“I used to have everything- yes, everything. I led a comfortable life without having to worry about money. I had designer handbags, clothes I had never worn more than once. I had a boyfriend- life was a fairytale. I crashed my parents’ expensive cars like they were nothing. 

I was careless, arrogant. I was pretty much the Asian version of ‘Karen.’ I thought I could live lavishly forever. My future was a clear path- I had everything aligned. 

Then I lost everything. Before I joined Monash, my family faced a serious monetary crisis. Life came to a sudden halt. I had a tough time adjusting: I cried, threw tantrums. I was acting like a brat and I regret it. I had to bid farewell to so many things, including exchanging abroad. I watched as my friends did all the things I desperately longed to do. 

Every cloud has a silver lining, and I discovered mine. I found a job to sustain myself  in Malaysia, which would also be my way of supporting my family. Then along came COVID-19, which forced me to let go of my silver lining. I couldn’t feel anything- I felt so numb. 

Those countless breakdowns and the immense support from my loved ones have made me stronger. Instead of meeting my circumstances with rejection, I’ve learned acceptance. I’m a new person with different priorities. Yes, I was that person back then. But what matters most is who I am now.”

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