Shattered Glass/Mended Hearts is out!

2020 did not start off great, and we daresay it was one of the worser years for many of our peers. We started off the year planning the magazine with a certain kind of gumption, hoping to surpass or at least match the talent and resourcefulness of our predecessors, as all successors strive for. Needless to say, the plans were derailed before they even left the station.

And so, we have had to make do with what we had. With any academic and sporting events all but cancelled, the vibrant student life that we usually document has been stripped down to a ghost of its former self. We’ve put in various articles, essays and photographs that are relevant to that of what is MONGA, albeit with more creative works and personal stories than usual.

We do hope that you enjoy. We won’t be stopping here, there will be more to come, courtesy of everyone who is part of our team.

— Editors 2020

Thanks to all the people who contributed their time and effort in the making of this issue as well as everyone’s support and love for Shattered Glass/Mended Heart!
Enjoy reading :)

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