Reminiscence: D.E.P.R.E.S.S.I.O.N, Innocence, Passenger Seat


by Ashley Lim

“I can’t wait to grow up.” 

These were the words that, honestly I’ve uttered the most often as I progressed through life. It was always about getting older, to leap out of the nest as soon as I could fly, to savour that sweet nectar of freedom that comes with age. It wasn’t just me, my friends too were enamoured with visions of independence. 

So much so, that we turned our backs on our childhood, choosing instead to press the fast-forward button on the remote control of our lives without even goodbye to our younger selves. 

But that’s the problem with going through life at the speed of light, we lose that child-like innocence and wonder that causes everything to glow with a golden light. 

Simple games of “Rock, Paper Scissors” and the quintessential “Hamburger”, piling our palms on top of one another now seem childish and a waste of time. 

I no longer feel the same jittery sense of glee as I did when the Milo truck came to visit our school. We would eagerly clutch the paper cups handed out by Prefects as they shepherded us into neat rows, hopping from foot to foot, impatiently awaiting our turn. When it finally came to my turn I would stare up at, to my eleven year old self, was an enormous, shiny vat of ice-cold Milo, condensation dripping against its surface. Unsatisfied, we would sneak to the back of the line again, giggling as we were caught and sent back to our classrooms for violating the “only one drink per person rule”. 

Now, daunted by the fear of taxes, job interviews and the thought of spending the rest of my life chasing a paycheck, I ask myself when I burst that bubble of innocence, wondering if I could ever go back to the days where a visit from the Milo truck could fix everything.

Next, “Passenger Seat” by Joeyee

“being allowed on the passenger seat was always a special treat being able to see people walk down Bangsar’s street 
watching the scenery along the freeway fleet 
not being in control of the…”

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