Reminiscence: D.E.P.R.E.S.S.I.O.N, Innocence, Passenger Seat

Here are a few writing pieces submitted by students for Reminiscence. A huge thankyou to Ashley and Maheen, and congrats to the winner of March’s TM, Joeyee! (credits to Sakura for the featured image of this post)

Keep in mind if your submissions aren’t here, it will be on our MONGA 2021 S1 as well so don’t worry~

Enjoy reading! <3


by Maheen

D(ARK), that is how the world felt like when we met 
E(XAGGREATING), what people thought me when I told them you were my only friend
P(ANIC ATTACKS), a bi-product of spending too much time with you during those nights, I wept and wept 
R(AGE), what I felt when people told me to let go of you, as if forcing me to ‘mend’
E(XHAUSTION), the strange feeling I had after the ‘productive’ nights we spent
S(TRENGTH), what I needed when I decided to put our relationship to end
S(ELF-ESTEEM), what I gained when I let you go, a wonderful achievement 
I(NTELLIGENE), a skill of mine, coming back to me is something I won’t recommend 
O(PTIMISM), my new way of life, started practicing when you left 
N(OTEWORTHY), what I think of our experience even though it’s time for ‘THE END’ 

Next, “Innocence” by Ashley Lim

‘“I can’t wait to grow up.” 

These were the words that, honestly I’ve uttered the most often as I progressed through life. It was always about getting older, to leap out of the nest as soon as I could fly, to savour that sweet nectar of…”

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