Reminiscence: D.E.P.R.E.S.S.I.O.N, Innocence, Passenger Seat

Passenger Seat 

by Joeyee

being allowed on the passenger seat was always a special treat being able to see people walk down Bangsar’s street 
watching the scenery along the freeway fleet 
not being in control of the direction seems to make the experience just that much sweeter 
funnily enough, 
not being in control seems to have taken the crown to be my biggest fear, maybe that’s why when my therapist told me to look back and find  similarities between all my past relationships 
relationships were alliances 
and I was the tribe leader killed by stray bullets caught in the cross fire the helplessness of being in those partnerships 
made me hopeful about the future and felt 
needed, wanted, guarded, bonded. 
I’ve always taken the passenger seat. 
then you came in my life and took the passenger seat 
a talented humorous kind and healing soul, 
too precious to be put in a spot of helplessness 
so, I navigated, I navigated the lines of compatibility and complement-ability I navigated, 
the line of extroversion and introversion, 
trying to match or even complement yours with mine 
I navigated and took you on a ride 
of ego and safety 
of chaos and serenity 
of kindness and empathy 
the passenger seat smells like you, 
a mixture of tobacco and your newest shampoo 
yeah, I smoke now, 
I’ve always hated the smell of cigarette and how it blurred my eyes while my attempts to navigate the way between us 
the blurry eyes blended into the streetlights and 
your hatred for my electronic cigarette, 
and so I complemented you 
from the driver’s seat.

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