MUSA Did What: Event after Event (MSC #8) 

Hello, hello! As we all attempt to survive what is probably Week 5? 6? (this writer can’t keep track anymore, the days keep blurring into each other), here’s our coverage for the 8th MSC meeting coming to you fresh from MONGA. 

Money, money, money 

We’ve all lamented about the fact that Monash is still charging us the same amount of fees despite the fact that we’ve all been stuck in our homes since God knows when. Although we can’t say that our fees will be reduced, nevertheless our MUSA 2021 President, Guryon did present us with a potential light at the end of the tunnel. 

According to him, MUSA is currently in the process of drafting an email and survey to send out to students in regards to financial aid. So, Monashians, do keep your eyes peeled for this particular email as MUSA does need a lot of data in order to write up and propose financial initiatives to Monash. 

It’s that time of the year 

For students who are not following MUSA or MONGA’s official Instagram, it is that time of the year again where our MUSA elections are looming. This year’s candidates mostly consist of Ignitas party members and a smattering of Independent candidates.

Debates will start on Monday 30th August and will last all the way till the 3rd of September, so Monashians if you’re eager to find out more (aka grill) them about their manifestos, do set a reminder on your calendar! 

So many events, so little time 

As Semester 2 is currently in full swing, I’m sure that all of us have our hands full with presentations, tutorials, assignments and lectures (pro tip, just watch them at 1.5x speed). 

So, in order to relieve the stress we’ve been enduring, the Activities department of MUSA has organised Monash Got Talent 2021, a competition where all forms of creative expression are welcome.

Whether you’re a professional TikTok dancer, can rap like Doja Cat or have some hidden talent you want to showcase to the world, don’t hesitate to register and send in your video submission to @monashgottalent21’s Instagram page below!

P.S.: No big deal but first prize does get half a thousand ringgit so… 

Spirit Week… but with a twist? 

We’re all familiar with the concept of Spirit Week aren’t we?

Dressing up according to themes, it’s a fun excuse to get all glammed up or just to have fun with our outfits. Also, if we were on campus, it would be a good reason to show up in pajamas without being judged. 

But this round’s Spirit Week will have a bit of a more nostalgic twist. Apparently, this writer has heard from the grape vine that this round’s Spirit Week will feature written tributes to the most significant people in our lives during this pandemic.

So, time to reminisce about some of our fondest memories of those who have had our backs since Day 1 and show them a tiny bit of appreciation in a world where the virus has caused acts of kindness to come few and far between. 

On that more optimistic note, this is MONGA signing off on our latest MSC News Article.  I’d like to wish everyone good luck in their assignments (just a few more weeks guys we got this!) and don’t forget to take a breather now and then because your health always always comes first! 

See you soon!

Article by Ashley Lim
Header by Angeline Ho

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