Thematic Month “Escapades” Open to Submission!

Let’s go to a place where no one can find us.  In my head, I have long gone to a world where the skies are hues of cotton candy when dawn comes, the city lights are far far away from where I am but I can still hear the buzzing of the neon sign boards and a distinct yet familiar sound of traffic. When dusk comes, the skies are strawberry and the garden fills with gold and wildflowers. 

Tomorrow when I return, the skies have turned a bruising purple and the neon lights are less far away, I can hear the telltale ‘cha-ching’s from the diner nearby. The scenery has changed from pastels, frills and the serene hum of the faraway, now I’m in the land of the Future. Bright neon lights, the ‘ping!’s of the arcades, checkered prints, I have reached Retro Future.  

In the first Thematic Month of Semester 2, MONGA presents a whole new world compared to Semester 1. If S1 was pretty pinks and dreamy blues, S2 would be bright indigo and sharp violets. Let us introduce you to a new landscape by presenting to you ‘Escapades’, August’s theme for our everlasting corner, Thematic Month. 

Create your own ideal fictional world, an alternate universe where you can escape to, your safe haven. Or grab someone’s hand , start the engine and take a trip to Who Knows Where. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m just going.

Where would you like to escape to?

What type of world would you like to create for yourself?

Would you go back to the 80s to Rock n Roll?

Or the 60s where you can funk and pop it out? 

For those with artworks (essays, poems, photographs, illustrations, etc.), submit them to MONGA’s email:

Stand a chance to get your stories or artworks featured in MONGA S2 Issue and win a RM100 voucher! The deadline for this competition is August 20th, 2021.

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